Hydrology plus geology: groundwater and rocks

Groundwater is only one part of the water cycles: Worldwide, continental, regional, local water cycles surround us and can be forced or destroyed. Sometimes these water cycles don‘t seem to be visible – and groundwater is rarely visible. Water cycles are connected to other cycles such as carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorous cycle, sulfur cycle. Water cycles are even connected to energy flows and transfers.

Groundwater is the only freshwater resource in big parts of the world. It is needed for drinking water supply and for irrigation of plants.

Groundwater is in steady contact with the geology around. Rock-water interaction is not only reduced to flow processes but it serves also for solution, transport of solutes, biodegradation, and precipitation of minerals.

Groundwater is overexploited in big parts of the world resulting in decrease of groundwater levels, drying vegetation, dying animals and people of thirst.

Groundwater is not always suitable for use: Saltwater intrusions, hydrothermal processes, contaminations from natural sources like Arsenic and Fluorides, and contaminations from wastewater and contaminated sites deteriorate one of our most important renewable resources.

Let‘s improve conditions of life. Protect groundwater.

Water also destroys life: Floods, heavy rainfall, melting of glaciers. A good management and sustainable use of our renewable resources includes the compartments atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, and anthroposphere.


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